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Hi,  I'm Helen Wyer.  I'm an anxiety specialist, helping people achieve freedom from negative thoughts, negative memories and negative emotions.

Are you trapped by anxiety, doubt and fear? Unhappy? Stuck in a pattern of behaviour that no longer works for you? Is this holding you back, slowing you down, making you fed up, stuck?


Hypnosis is one of the most powerful, effective tools we have to help us overcome

personal, emotional and psychological issues.  It gives us back control when it feels as 

though life is spiralling out of control.  It gives us the power back to achieve the life we

want.  Together we can get rid of your problem once and for all, root and all.  What have you got to lose but the problem you're struggling with?

You can access hypnotherapy sessions online via Zoom or face to face at the centre:

Sorrel Horse Mews in Ipswich.

Ready to make a change?

Hypnotherapy can help.


Most of my work involves helping people overcome anxiety and trauma, however I also offer help to break free from all kinds of fears, phobias.  Do you need relief from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, help to stop smoking or weight loss sessions? A lot of people are surprised at what Hypnotherapy can be used to treat. 


 Give me a call for a free no obligation chat to find out more.

What do you want to change today? Click below for more information.

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