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Mental Health in the Workplace

Stress and anxiety is rising in the workplace and employees aren’t always asking for help.  Businesses do their best to help with these issues but often don’t have the time or the skills needed to be effective.  Once emotional wellbeing is impacted, job performance is affected.  Stress, depression and anxiety led to 12.8 million working days lost last year in the U.K.  The 2018/19 Labour Force Survey also revealed 602,000 workers suffered from the condition and an average of 21.2 days were lost per business.  However, it is well known that these figures are hugely under reported.

Learning ways to develop resilience is so important for good mental and physical health.  It enables each of us to develop protection against experiences which could be overwhelming.  It helps us maintain balance during difficult and stressful periods and essentially is the mental reservoir of strength that people are able to call on in times of need to carry them through without falling apart.


The good news is that people are very capable of learning the skills that it takes to become more resilient. 

       One to one mental health coaching

I offer one to one mental health coaching support for individuals which covers:

  • a toolkit of techniques tailored specifically to each person's needs

  • a safe space to offload and obtain different perspectives

  • Ways to develop resilience and maintain wellbeing during difficult times 

Business Meeting
Conference Meeting

Mental health workshops

What do the workshops give/how do they help?

The workshops give each attendee:

  • the opportunity to learn about the effects of stress and worry

  •  to learn ways to recognise these effects in themselves and others

  •  to  experience a range of practical tools and techniques and give them the necessary skills to become more resilient.

Here’s what businesses are saying:

Hospice logo.jpeg
St Elizabeth Hospice

‘Helen has run several of these workshops for our employees.  They are well received by all who attend and everyone goes away with a better understanding and practical ways to be able to help themselves and develop that necessary resilience.'

Orwell Housing Association

‘We asked Helen to run some one to one mental health support for several employees who were struggling in their roles.  The impact has been tremendous for both the employees and the organisation.'

Saffron Housing Trust

'We know how important people's wellbeing is which is why we asked Helen to hold some mental health workshops for our staff. There was lots of really helpful information and advice.  Employees found it so useful and everybody took away lots of tips.'

Pure Logo.png

'Staff thoroughly enjoyed this workshop.  They all learned so many practical tips and techniques.  It was so useful, fun and enjoyable and will be a real help to our staff.'

Freebridge Community Housing

'We contacted Helen to see if she could in our Week of Wellbeing.  The workshops were extrememly useful and packed full of good, practical information and advice which staff could put into practice straight away.

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