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Hypnotherapy for

managing addictions

You can beat compulsive gambling, problems with alcohol or drug misuse with the help of hypnotherapy

Do you struggle with compulsive gambling, problems with alcohol or drug misuse?  Sometimes compulsive shopping is an all-to-real problem causing financial problems as well as relationship issues. Others may struggle with sex addiction.  You may have tried many times to curb or control the behaviour but you are unable to maintain control.

The term ‘addiction’ is really only used to describe a physical or physiological dependency.  I prefer to use the term ‘problem behaviour’.  This is any behaviour that compromises, disrupts, or damages family, employment, personal or recreational pursuits.

How can hypnotherapy help with additions?

To overcome addictions the initial consultation will focus on how the problem began and pattern of behaviour as it currently exists.  For example, someone with a drinking problem may just wish to stop drinking at home but still enjoy a glass or two whilst out.

I focus on the behavioural change that the client wants to achieve.  It is usually achieved relatively quickly and can normally lead to a permanent change.  The outcome is not influenced by the length of time the problem behaviour has existed.

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