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Hypnotherapy for

confidence &

self esteem

I can help you overcome self doubt, low confidence or self esteem using the power of hypnotherapy

We all have moments of self-doubt, low confidence or low self-esteem.  That’s quite normal.  However, sometimes things can get out of hand and lead to feelings of being unable to cope and feeling trapped or helpless.  Low confidence and self-esteem can be the result of a lifetime of events or a single incident.  Often it is a direct result of bullying, either in the family, at school or in the work place.  Even after it has stopped, the effects are still felt and affect our lives.

In many cases a lack of confidence and self-esteem isn’t the problem.  It’s a symptom of a problem and ultimately, it’s the belief surrounding it that drives the problem.  Beliefs can vary from person to person.  Not everyone lacks confidence in the same situation and everyone has confidence to some degree and has experienced confidence.  It may show itself when we are with friends or doing something we are particularly good or knowledgeable at.  I may be confident with close friends but if I believe that I lack confidence meeting new people, then I’m never going to go up to that person at a party and start a conversation or feel comfortable at events where I don’t know anyone etc.

How can hypnotherapy help with confidence and self esteem?

Hypnotherapy helps us find out where the belief that created the problem came from and cleanses the emotions and anxiety that drive that uncomfortable feeling.  It helps you reconnect with your confident self by helping you release and let go of emotions connected with past events and create new patterns of acting and being confident no matter who you are with, where you are and what you are doing.

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