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Hypnotherapy for

dental phobia and fear of dentists

Hypnosis is a powerful method for helping you overcome a fear of dentists and dental phobia

Does the thought of visiting a dentist fill you with dread?  Does the smell of the dental surgery make your heart race and you to break out in a sweat?  Often the thought of an injection or the noise of a drill can make us panic.  You are not alone; many people feel this way. 

Often these fears and phobias stem from a direct negative experience usually involving pain and fear, experienced in childhood.  Sometimes this response is learned from parents and carers who were fearful and anxious.  Children are great imitators, it’s how they learn, but sometimes the behaviours they imitate and learn isn’t the most appropriate for them.

How can hypnotherapy help you overcome a fear of dentists and dental phobia?

Using hypnotherapy, we find and release the emotions which originally caused or created the problem. We explain to the mind that the programme it is currently running is no longer relevant for you and ask it for more appropriate responses. With the release of these old bottled up emotions and the choice of different responses, the phobia and anxiety disappear.

Hypnosis was first documented as being used in dentistry in 1829.  By the turn of the 20th century, hypnosis in dentistry was considered the primary method of helping patients with fears, anxieties and phobias by using relaxation sedation.  While pharmacological sedation gives a temporary respite for a procedure, it needs to be carried out every time a patient needs something done.  Hypnosis is long lasting as it works on the root cause of the patient’s anxiety, fear and phobia, helping the patient ‘unlearn’ a conditioned response and be free from the hold it has over them.  Various techniques can be taught, thereby giving the patient control over their minds rather than their thoughts and minds controlling them.   Instead of allowing pain, anxiety or other unhelpful states run the show, hypnosis helps people to exert more control over their thoughts and perceptions.

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