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Hypnotherapy for

fears & phobias

Using hypnotherapy I can help you overcome your fears and phobias

Do you have an intense fear of flying, driving, animals, reptiles, insects, needles or of being sick?  Would you rather climb ten flights of stairs rather than get into a lift?  If so you may be suffering from a phobia.

All people have fears or situations they would rather avoid.  It is part of everyday life and helps to keep us safe.  Some people are frightened by dentists, whilst others are worried about interviews.  Most people manage to control their fears and go about their normal day to day activities.

However, for some people the anxieties and fears are overwhelming and persistent.  The need to avoid the situation or object can be so intense that they drastically interfere with everyday life, even though they know the response is irrational.  The result of the phobia can lead to a sense of loss of control and can change the person’s view and perspective of life considerably even so much as to change their lifestyle completely.

How can hypnotherapy help with fears and phobias?


In hypnotherapy for phobias therapy, I find and release the emotions which originally caused or created the phobia.  You were not born with a phobia, it is something you have learned and it can be overcome.  One to two sessions will resolve most phobias for life.

I do not expose you to the object of your phobia.  That is always done by you when you feel ready to do so.  I understand that when you come to me for a phobia, you are still frightened of the particular thing.  I will not traumatise you in any way.

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