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Hypnotherapy for

Fibromyalgia, M.E. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Pain

Access hypnotherapy to help overcome Fibromyalgia, M.E. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Pain

People who have Fibromyalgia, M.E. or C.F.S. tend to share the same attributes. You may have been told you are lazy or that it is all in your head. In my experience nothing can be further from the truth. You probably regularly pushed yourself to your physical or mental capacity, or both, often more than your body could cope with and generally with a greater concern for looking after others than yourself. Often the illness starts with an infection, virus, trauma or severe stress. Several weeks later when you anticipate you should be feeling better, you now have the illness that gives you the fatigue and pain symptoms.

This continues for years whilst you become more and more frustrated by lack of diagnosis, answers or remedies. You may even accumulate more illnesses as your immune system overloads. Living with pain can be so debilitating leaving you feeling unhappy, disappointed, anxious, angry, trapped and helpless. At some point you may feel so low for so long that your internal voice may keep repeating a phrase that reflects the terrible thought that you may never recover. Sometimes. you start to feel a bit better but whilst you’re catching up with life, fatigue and pain catches up with you and the spiral continues.

The process


I am a registered practitioner in the OldPain2Go technique. This technique is at the head of a revolution in how pain messages can be dramatically reduced or removed, rather than just managed. The pain messages that you are currently receiving are the body’s way of shutting you down to conserve energy so you ‘get fixed’. Because you are in a constant stressed state because you are in a situation you have no control over, the pain messages increase to try and slow you down even more. The pain will only go when it feels safe that you will not keep pushing yourself to the limit. With hypnotherapy we get in touch with that part of your mind and change that out of date program.

When seeing a therapist for chronic pain, it is advisable that the pain is checked out by a GP first for a formal diagnosis.

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