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Hypnotherapy for

pain management

I can help you practice successful pain management with the power of hypnosis

Living with current pain can be very debilitating.  It can affect all areas of your life, interfering with your ability to concentrate and you may feel as though you no longer get as much pleasure out of life because you are unable to do some of the things you used to do. Chronic pain is a source of stress and you may feel unhappy, disappointed, anxious, angry, trapped and helpless.

The way in which pain affects your emotions depends on the way you are thinking about it.  If you are thinking negatively about your pain yourself and your situation, then you are more likely to experience the emotions described.  Stress and anxiety can exacerbate pain and cause muscle tension.  If you are thinking more positively about your life, you will be more relaxed about life, you won’t feel as stressed and you will feel better about yourself.  Easier said than done though when the pain can be overwhelming

When seeing a therapist for chronic pain, it is advisable that the pain is checked out by a GP first for a formal diagnosis.

How hypnotherapy can help with pain management?

Hypnotherapy helps you to control your pain and turn down its intensity. It aims to deal with the fears and anxieties you have relating to your pain, helping you to manage them more comfortably. It will help you to reduce the stress and relax your nervous system to help it become less reactive to pain.  You will be taught various techniques to use at home.

Hypnotherapy can help you manage your pain whether you’re suffering from arthritis, muscle tension, back or neck pain, fibromyalgia, sciatica or many other chronic pain disorders.

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