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Hypnotherapy for

Weight Control

Using hypnotherapy I can help you succeed in managing your weight

Perhaps you’ve tried a number of diets which work for a while and then you gain all the weight you lost with a few extra pounds. Dieting can so often feel like a constant battle; many find them impossible to keep to, constantly fighting their eating habits. They can work in the short term but many people go back to eating normally and all the weight is put back on again, leading to feelings of failure and hopelessness. Does this sound familiar?

Often what we eat and when we eat is a response to how we feel, who we are with and what time of day it is. Sometimes we eat as a distraction to make us feel better but no amount of food is ever going to fill that emotional hole that gives the craving or hungry feeling. In most cases food is not the issue – it’s the habits, the thoughts and it is used as a distracter.

How can hypnotherapy help with managing your weight?

Behavioural change is paramount to making any weight loss route a success long term and I help you to change the way you feel about food, even the way you think about food. This stops the cravings and using food as an emotional crutch; it puts you back in control over what you choose to eat. Hypnotherapy gets to the root cause of the comfort or emotional eating changing how you feel or react to things in your life by working on the emotions that are driving the behaviour.

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